Aerial Asana

(Asana is the Sanskrit word for Seat or Pose)


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I bought my first Yoga Swing in 2003 and began practising as soon as I hung it up.   After sustaining spinal injuries in a vehicle accident I was eager for therapy to release pain and help me get back into my Asana Practice.


Aerial Asana appeals to my playful nature- it is like a grown-up jungle gym!  Students tell me they feel stronger after only a few sessions, and the increase in flexibility is safe and certain.   A private lesson includes a warm-up, core strengthening, standing poses, back bending (I prefer to call it Heart Opening), Inversions (a great way to learn handstands!) and therapeutics.   Individual sessions mean I can help you strengthen and stretch safely- giving you the results you're looking for.


The swing has a hammock as well as stirrups for far more diversity and exploration.   Fun and challenging for all levels!


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 South Africa


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