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Strength and Conditioning 

Loading an unstable structure will inevitably lead to injury.   Our bodies often seek the easiest way to do a movement and this can become a kinetic habit with as little as only three repetitions.

More and more students are receiving physiotherapy and other treatment as a result of loading the joints in their asana practice.   A better option is to recruit muscle- but if that muscle has become weak from underuse, it may well need assistance.

Combining years of teaching, anatomy research, strength training research and vigorous training; Natalie has designed a system specifically for Asana practitioners.

Available as private or group session.

  • Static hold strength

  • Hypertrophy Exercises

  • Mobility drills

  • Dynamic skills and drills

  • Metabolic Conditioning

  • Kettlebell skills for competence, cardio and strength

  • Resistance bands for kinetic competency


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